Mia A.
San Diego, Ca.

“Natalie changed my life (and sleep) as a new mom. My baby was only 8 weeks old when my husband was getting ready to ship out for a 7-month deployment. Needless to say, I was anxious, sleep deprived and desperate to find help for my baby who needed me to bounce him to sleep for hours on end. Within hours of reaching out, Natalie returned my call and quickly reassured me that things would only get better. Not only did I feel understood and heard, but incredibly supported as I was getting ready to say goodbye to my husband. Natalie has incredible “baby sleep” expertise and with 3 children of her own, I was constantly encouraged by her knowledge and prior experience. She held my hand every step of the way as I gradually taught my young baby sleep-independence. I felt genuinely cared for and reinforced as she was always checking in via text or a quick phone call to help me stay on track despite “bad nap” days or relapses on the yoga ball 😉 Natalie was the BEST thing to happen to my family before my husband’s departure. Bedtime became a peaceful process and my husband and I enjoyed our evenings together and a happier baby before he left. I am now a well rested & empowered mama and my 5 month old son is falling asleep independently in his crib for EVERY nap and sleeping through the night. Natalie is a game-changer and I’m forever grateful for her guidance during a challenging chapter in my life.”

Lara S.
Encinitas, Ca.

Natalie is amazing! She was a true god send to us at such a crucial time in my journey as a new mama! It had been 8 months of waking every 3 hours to nurse. My son had started eating solid foods, but was still waking at night to be comforted by nursing. She told me how much I should be feeding him (solids and breast milk), how to help with teething, and get him to sleep during naps and at night. She was far more informative and helpful than our pediatrician or any other professional we went to for help. Natalie did not coach this baby to sleep, she coached me as to how to give my baby what he needed so I could be sure he was happy and comfortably sleeping and I was getting the rest I needed. Within one night we got him off of night feeding. And within 2 consistent weeks, he was sleeping 2, 2 hours naps a day and 11-13 hours consistently at night. At 15 months he is still on the same schedule and I could not thank Natalie enough. I am forever grateful. One thing my husband says is you over think things as a new parent, you just need someone to do the thinking for you. So there you have it! Hire Natalie to do that!

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Andrea V.
Fresno, Ca.

“Talk about a game changer! Natalie helped guide me through establishing a routine in those beginning weeks of being a new mom and had my baby boy sleeping through the night by 10 weeks. She gave me a tune up with my daughter 2 years later and had her sleeping through the night by 8 weeks. She is the most understanding, compassionate, reasonable and calm (which I needed!) person and having her guidance was a blessing to my entire family. Sleep is so important and she’s the guru. Love you Nat!”

Mallory P.
Bowling Green, KY.

“Best thing I ever did was work with Natalie to help me get my twins sleeping through the night. I called her in tears when they were 11 weeks old because I had read all the books and did what they said, but it just wasn’t working. The books give a lot of great information, but they don’t talk back to you. Natalie listened to me, provided guidance, sleep schedules, support and encouragement as we worked with my twins to sleep train them. They have been sleeping soundly for 12-13 hours per night since 4 months old. I highly recommend working with Natalie, she is the best!”

Carly H.
Reno, NV.

Natalie was an absolute lifesaver to my family! Our 7.5 month old daughter (at the time) would only sleep on me! As much as I loved the snuggles, I knew we needed to do something different for her to achieve the rest she needed (and that I needed) to be a better parent. I think the day after I spoke with Natalie we began working together. It wasn’t easy, but it was the best decision I could have made for our daughter and our family. Natalie was there every step of the way with the guidance, knowledge, and compassion that I needed during that stressful time. We’re doing it all again with our next little one on the way. Thank you, Natalie!!!

Andrea G.
Placentia, Ca.

“I am forever grateful to have had Natalie as our sleep consultant! Her expertise, patience, support and attentiveness while coaching me and my daughter to reach our goal of sleeping through the night was priceless. Emma has slept through the night since she was 4 months old. I know how to get her back on schedule if we travel or have company. My daughter is happy and rested and we are too. Thank you Natalie for all your time and care!”

Erin B.
San Diego, Ca.

“As a new mom, I had no clue about newborn sleep or what to do, so when another mom recommended Natalie to help me, I couldn’t wait to get started.  Natalie was absolutely instrumental in helping me teach my daughter how to sleep.   She provided constant support and a personalized schedule for my daughter that fit our family’s wishes.  There were times when I wanted to cry (okay, okay, I did cry) and she offered me guidance and encouragement to get through it  “one nap at a time”.  Teaching a newborn to sleep is hard work and 4 months later, my daughter is a great sleeper.  I couldn’t have done it without her and I am so grateful.  Thank you Natalie!”

Holly C.
Fresno, Ca.

“Natalie was a godsend! I sleep trained baby #1, but I was always worried that baby #2 wouldn’t be as good of a sleeper (I felt spoiled!). But Natalie showed me the way. She asked me all of the right questions up front about what worked for me as a mama, and my family (big sister included!). We collectively worked on a sleep schedule for baby #2 and he’s a sleeping CHAMP. Of course, there were developmental changes, growth spurts, and all of the typical baby changes as he grew. But Natalie helped me to bob and weave, and have patience. She gave me tools to sleep train an entirely different human being than my first baby–and have fun, too. 🙂 Anytime a mama is in sleep deprivation mode, I recommend Natalie to her STAT. She is truly an ideal sleep coach, and mama to stand with you in those challenging moments of mothering.”

Elizabeth D.
Los Angeles, Ca.

“I can’t recommend Natalie and her nothing-short-of-life-changing services enough. Natalie is kind, patient, responsive, reassuring, and validating; not to mention an absolute expert in her field. To date she has helped me with sleep training our daughter at 4.5 months, tips for weaning/feeding schedules, and adjusting our schedule when our daughter went down to 1 nap. Thanks to Natalie our daughter has soundly slept 7p-7a almost every single night since 3 days into our consulting time together. She also currently takes a 3-hour midday nap that I can set my clock by. Give yourself the gift of a restful nights’ sleep and add a touch of predictability back into your life…just be prepared with a smile and nod when everyone tells you you’re “lucky to have such a good sleeper” 😉 Thanks, Natalie!!”

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Renata C.
San Diego, Ca.

“Natalie is absolutely amazing when it comes to understanding babies’ AND mama’s sleep needs and wishes. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, it is very important to me that I only expose my mamas to sincere, experienced + non-judgmental professionals, and I absolutely found that in Natalie. Her casual and open-minded approach to sleep quickly puts my moms at ease, while her in-depth teaching of all things sleep helps them sort through all the online noise. Every time she visits my moms have expressed sincere gratitude. In fact, many moms share that they made small changes based on Natalie’s advice that granted them more sleep!! If this is what Natalie can do in an hour, I can only imagine how beneficial her full services can be! I highly recommend her and wish I had known her when my non-sleepers were younger.”

Elaina S.
San Diego, Ca.

“Natalie came highly referred to me from a couple different friends. By the time my baby reached 9 months old, she was sleeping with my husband and I every night in our bed, and would only nap in my arms during the day.  Even though I loved having her so close all the time, I knew how important deep restful sleep is for a baby. I was hesitant to reach out to Natalie because my attached-parenting style was so different from a lot of parents I know. But Natalie helped us move at our own pace, helping us through the big transition one step at a time. She always gave me gentle options that I would be comfortable with, and encouraged us and supported us through it all. Now my baby is sleeping 12 hours in her crib overnight and napping twice a day. My goal at the beginning of the whole process was for her to love being in her crib and to be able to put herself to sleep. Mission Accomplished! “