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Below are some answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

What’s your philosophy on sleep training?2020-01-31T01:52:39+00:00

My philosophy is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to babies and sleep. There are many ways to get babies to sleep, and I work with each family to develop a customized, sustainable plan to do just that. I tailor each sleep plan to best fit the needs of my clients; while keeping in mind their parenting style, lifestyle, and baby’s temperament. While we cannot “sleep train” a newborn, we can certainly help your newborn and younger infants develop healthy sleep habits early on with a process called “sleep shaping,” which can help them learn positive sleep associations from the start, have less (if any!) habits to break later on, and can help you avoid “sleep training” altogether.

Do you believe in the CIO (cry it out) method?2020-01-31T01:53:33+00:00

I do not support this method, and I do not believe in leaving babies to cry for hours until they fall asleep. While I always try to minimize tears during the sleep training process, tears are sometimes inevitable depending on baby’s age, temperament, and sleep situation. Sometimes when changing the expectations and routines around sleep, babies will protest, fuss, or cry, which can be their way of communicating and expressing their frustration with the change that’s being implemented. I work with each family to manage these moments during the process which can be difficult – offering various tips and tricks, suggestions, adjustments, and support for dealing with and minimizing tears. 

When is a good age to start sleep training?2020-01-31T01:54:14+00:00

I always encourage parents to start when you’re ready. If things are working for you – no need to change anything! If the way things are going with your baby’s routines and sleep are not sustainable for your family, I’d love to help you find a way that is. My services include consulting from pregnancy through postpartum and beyond. The sooner you can help your baby learn healthy sleep habits, the less habits there are to break later. I encourage healthy “sleep shaping” from the beginning, always within the developmental capacity of the baby, to help establish a routine for baby so that they know what to expect around sleep, and begin to develop positive sleep associations from the start. 

Happy Clients


Holly C.
Fresno, Ca.

“Natalie was a godsend! I sleep trained baby #1, but I was always worried that baby #2 wouldn’t be as good of a sleeper (I felt spoiled!). But Natalie showed me the way. She asked me all of the right questions up front about what worked for me as a mama, and my family (big sister included!). We collectively worked on a sleep schedule for baby #2 and he’s a sleeping CHAMP. Of course, there were developmental changes, growth spurts, and all of the typical baby changes as he grew. But Natalie helped me to bob and weave, and have patience. She gave me tools to sleep train an entirely different human being than my first baby–and have fun, too. 🙂 Anytime a mama is in sleep deprivation mode, I recommend Natalie to her STAT. She is truly an ideal sleep coach, and mama to stand with you in those challenging moments of mothering.”

Elizabeth D.
Los Angeles, Ca.

“I can’t recommend Natalie and her nothing-short-of-life-changing services enough. Natalie is kind, patient, responsive, reassuring, and validating; not to mention an absolute expert in her field. To date she has helped me with sleep training our daughter at 4.5 months, tips for weaning/feeding schedules, and adjusting our schedule when our daughter went down to 1 nap. Thanks to Natalie our daughter has soundly slept 7p-7a almost every single night since 3 days into our consulting time together. She also currently takes a 3-hour midday nap that I can set my clock by. Give yourself the gift of a restful nights’ sleep and add a touch of predictability back into your life…just be prepared with a smile and nod when everyone tells you you’re “lucky to have such a good sleeper” 😉 Thanks, Natalie!!”

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